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The American Legion’s Children & Youth pillar is guided by three main objectives: strengthen the family unit, support organizations that help children in need, and provide communities with well-rounded programs to provide hope and opportunity for young people facing difficult challenges.
The Temporary Financial Assistance program is designed to assist minor children of eligible active-duty servicemembers or eligible American Legion members through cash grants, which contribute to a stable home environment. These grants help families meet the costs of shelter, utilities, food and medical expenses. The Legion provides more than $500,000 to help these families annually.
This program connects American Legion members with families struggling when loved ones are called to military duty. Legion volunteers provide child-care services, yard work, car repairs or similar help. A dedicated hotline – 800-504-4098 – is available for families looking for assistance.
Nonprofit organizations that reach out to help young people in need are supported through American Legion Child Welfare Foundation grants. These grants assist groups that tackle problems ranging from child-hood neglect to substance abuse.

“The American Legion was almost like a hero for me. The American Legion eased our financial burden and worry with their assistance to help us.”

-Ivan Redhorn of Great Falls, Mont., an Army veteran of the Iraq War and a father of six who lost his home to a house fire.